Gold Tamarin

If you're like me, you get a lot of email. Much of it is from companies vying for my attention, newsletters that I forgot I signed up to, and even the occasional unwanted spam that somehow still makes it into my inbox.

My time is valuable and so is yours!

What if out of all those millions of dollars spent on email marketing, some of it came directly to us? Why should the companies who send the mail be the only ones making any money? After all we're the ones taking time to dele– (ahem) 'read' it.

Our privacy is valuable too

We're living in a world where our data is no longer ours. It has been weaponised against us. It has been stolen to enrich others. We give it out freely and readily in lieu of actual money, but the cost to us is far higher than if we had spent real money.

It's time we took control of how our data is being used and start reaping some of the benefits for ourselves!

With Gold Tamarin, I'm hoping to change the status quo, starting with putting email marketing in its place and putting the control of our data firmly back in our hands.

One more thing...

I strongly believe that everyone must play a part in taking care of our planet. Only together can we make a difference. So, for each paid email campaign sent from Gold Tamarin once it's launched, I'll be donating a portion of the income to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin.

Want to be a part of the revolution? Sign up below and be the first to join.

I fully appreciate the irony in now asking for your email address, but things being as they are, it seems to be the most expedient way to keep you posted about when Gold Tamarin is ready.

I will only use your email address from here one time: to let you know when Gold Tamarin has launched. After that, I'll be deleting the list.

I'm interested in...

In case you were wondering, this is nothing like the paid-to-read (PTR) or get-paid-to (GPT) services that use your data for market analysis and share it with their partners. I will not share your data with anyone.
None of the companies who use Gold Tamarin to send messages will see any of your details.

Also, many of those services expect you not only to read but also directly engage in other actions to get a successful payout, such as making a purchase or completing long surveys. I'll never do that.
You receive an email, you get paid. Simple.

Those services also send many emails per day, which is completely out of your control.
You determine how much your time is worth and how much you spend reading messages.

PSSST!!! Email marketers!

It's not all doom and gloom for you! I'll soon be offering you the ability to send messages to this network - in a privacy-conscious and sustainable way.

You'll be able to target subscribers based on their self-declared interests and demographics. You won't be buying email addresses; you'll be paying for the privilege of tuning your campaigns to a targetted audience who are ready and willing to read what you have to say.

Sign up above with the relevant details and I'll let you know how you can do your email marketing differently.

This is a project by Simon Hamp